Color and rythm

The technique of compressing a color between two sheets of paper or two other materials gave rise to unexpected fantastic images. The artist analyzed the causality of phenomena that may be considered accidental.


It is about introducing the power of the will into the creation of such phenomena, through the development of a technique and its practice. This process expresses all at the same time the reflection, the change, the succession, the fact of going beyond, beside, between or with. Obtained by a non-reproducible process, metagraphy involves the artist sliding water-based paint onto waterproof paper, then letting chance act on the material. His own intervention consists in finding the true balance between the fluidity of the water-based paint and the exposure time. There are similar techniques, like pressed oil, pressed starch, decal. But Mizui’s manner and choice of material are different20. An international fine art critic, Mr. Sakaé HASEGAWA, said in 1984: “When I first saw this painting, I thought this picture was a photo of a snowy mountain. But looking closer, it was not a photo and this image resonated strongly with me, you can sense the frozen cold and the silence. I find that this painting conveys a philosophical and meditative openness, as if it could allow one to enter the deep silence of the heart “.

Color and Matter