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Stone et Ascese

Mizui said:

“In front of the immense nature, I felt very small.
In addition, the stone was already beautiful this way, in the rough.
No matter how much I spoke to her, insult her, sighed, she remained impassive, mute, sulking at me despite my pleas and my anger.
However, after a while, the stone began to speak, It was she who guided me; Not so! earlier there! yes, like that, If one day I manage to blend into the divine nothingness, my sculpture will remain like an offering made to the great outdoors. “


My beginnings
of sculpture

In 1945, at the end of World War II,
I was 20 years old and disoriented as soulless.
Surprisingly, I quickly got out of my torpor.
I had chosen as the subject of my final thesis in the Institute of Technology.
ʼʼThe molding of the great bronze Buddhasʼʼ. I was fascinated by these statues.
I changed the direction of my life in sculpture
saying: no war, for world peace.
Then, I entered the University of the Arts in Tokyo, then the Beaux-Arts in Paris.
At the time, Rodin struck me by the words he left to the young sculptor.
He said, “Patience! Don’t rely on inspiration. The only qualities of the artist are wisdom, attention, sincerity and will. Do your work like honest workers. Work like a craftsman with wisdom. ”
“Patience ! Work like a craftsman with wisdom.”
              Auguste Rodin

Yasuo Mizui tool’s

The work of the Mizui stone is entirely with his hands.
Hit the stone with a hammer and various types of sloppy scissors.
The work of time and patience required a mental and physical strength unthinkable in modern times.